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    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    I'll do all things through Christ, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll do all things through Christ, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He shall supply my need, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He shall supply my need, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said


    By faith I believe it, By faith I receive it
    By faith I can have it, By faith I can share it
    I believe just what he said

    I have my mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He worked it out for me, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He worked it out for me, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

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    By faith I will know it, By faith I will show it
    By faith I will bare it, and now I'll declare
    I believe just what he said

    I have my mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He loosed the guilty stain, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He loosed the guilty stain, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe just what he said

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30 November 2007


These stories always strike terror in my heart. Because no matter how hard my husband and I work to raise our own child, his life can be snuffed out in a millisecond by someone whose parents just let them grow like dust in the wind.

Try as we might, we can't ignore these people because with these type acts they intrude into our lives like ants at a picnic.


I agree. We have to worry about not just how we raise our children, but how everyone else does as well.

"Bottom line, we need to RAISE OUR STANDARDS in all things."


My family is dealing with the murder of my nephew that occured almost one year ago, 12/6/06. My nephew was working, preparing to join the navy and was minding his on business when some youngsters decided they needed to commit murder. My nephew grew up with his mother and father (married) in the same house, my parents (his grandparents) married in the same house. But, the killers grew up like weeds, or dust in the wind as Roslyn put it. How do we protect the none weeds? Its very difficult. I wish education were the panacea.


Education is part of the answer, however, this education has got to go beyond the classroom. I posit that it is most important the education one receives beyond the classroom to keep our children from situations like this.

Blackness (and by direct association Black Male identity) are now defined by some seriously flawed lowest common denominators. "Keeping it real" always seems to mean "real negative".

I read this story a few days ago. What a horrible horrible shame. Mr. Cisse had everything to look forward to and the loss of his life is a loss to us all.

I've always thought that if we all knew that we come from greatness, we would do and act better, greater. The boys didn't know where Senegal was! They probably don't know where most of the states in the US are either. Sad.
I have a nephew (he just turned a year old). His parents (my sister and her boyfriend) are young and not the best examples, so I hope and pray he grows up to be a positive, smart, decent young man. But it's sad that even if he does, he can be taken off this earth by mindless thugs, that have mindless parents and no role models. Kill a student b/c "he wanted/needed some money??!!" GET A JOB!!

Education plays a major role in it because it is clear that at least one of the parents of these boys was quite uneducated. If the parents are uneducated, chances are the kids will come out the same way. We really need to analyze the situation in Chicago before we jump to judgements of these boys. I did not know Amadou Cisse, but I cried. I know these boys committed murder, but I cried for them too. They were not born murderers, society promoted the ugliest of their instincts. They committed murder, something that they will live with for the rest of their lives. These boys are just two among the thousands of hopeless black youth around the country...or world. But in a country like America, the educational disparity that they face should not exist. These kids are subject to unequal education systems, gentrification, and a push into the lower working class sector. Yes. It's better to be poor than a murderer, but you can't tell that to these kids. For them, it's get rich fast and die trying or clean toilets for the rest of your life. Many of them choose the first option. Chicago is a dual city. Walk two blocks from the projects and you see the nicest starbucks and condo. This invidualistic culture that we live in keeps us from looking out for these kids. If we don't, there will be many more Amadou Cisse's.

Parenting, rearing, nurturing, instilling those positive values on the homefront......all of that NEEDS to improve. It must, or these senseless acts will continue.

Oh, this breaks my heart. I worry about this for my sons, for the sons of every parent. Too many die in this way.

But what makes these boys do this? Well, why did Bigger Thomas kill the white girl in "Native Son"? The conditions that produced the Biggers of the world are still present. We forget about the incredible negative psychological and spiritual effects of racism.

Racism is the root of the lack of education, the lack of opportunity, the breeding of people who see each other as nothing. Why not pop this man for some money when you have no value for human life because your own nobility has been crushed out of you by the very fabric of society?

We complain about the uneducated "other" but how many of us go beyond talking and are actually out there mentoring kids in these neighborhoods, volunteering at community centers, being big brothers/sisters?

In a way, the blood is on all of our hands.


Hello Liz, how was Depeche Mode btw? Anyway, I always enjoy your thoughts (even if I do not agree with some of them), let me comment on a couple of things.

"Racism is the root of the lack of education, the lack of opportunity, the breeding of people who see each other as nothing. Why not pop this man for some money when you have no value for human life because your own nobility has been crushed out of you by the very fabric of society?"

The social reality of racism in the United State is a factor in many situations, that is without debate. However; our ancestors, heck our grand parents and in some cases parents dealt with racism on a grander and more persistent scale than these young men that killed Amadou. So racism, though a factor, cannot be the primary factor here.

The education that is required here is not one of academics per se, but of one that WE as a COLLECTIVE transfer from generation to generation(Church, School, Neighborhood, etc. but most importantly the FAMILY unit) teaching VALUES. There is no cost to that, lack of money or opportunity does not equate to the end product of these children killing some one else's child.

Think about this, Amadou came from Senegal. Amadou's father was killed early in his life. What did Amadou's mother do? She sacrificed for her son to come to the United States so that he could do better, and Amadou intended to help his family and community in Senegal BACK. Consider this further: (from the CIA World Fact Book ) The unemployment rate in Senegal is 48%, 54% of the population of Senegal live below poverty line there.

Arguably, Amadou and his parents had worse social conditions than any of the accused perpetrators or the perpetrators parents, yet Amadou and his mother made different choices about what to do about their social - political actualities.

One of the perps decided to do this horrible deed because "He needed some money". Damn, I know I don't get out on the South Side that much but whenwe do visit my mother in law in Chatham, it still seems like McDonalds, Walgreens, J&J Fish, Target, Burger King, UPS, etc are STILL hiring.

How bad did the perp have it? Kicking back watching Denzel eating burgers he bought from where he SHOULD have been applying for a JOB!

BUT instead, they decide to rob and kill another Black person. Racism? Yes self hate. They made a choice, and maybe society helped put them in that position, but THEY chose.

They chose to do evil, simple as that. What did God say to the Israelites? "I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live..."

It comes down to what we choose, NOT what situations we are in. Honestly, most people in "the hood" ARE choosing life. They are working and doing the best they can, the perps are the exception not the rule.

"We complain about the uneducated "other" but how many of us go beyond talking and are actually out there mentoring kids in these neighborhoods, volunteering at community centers, being big brothers/sisters?"

At the risk of losing my red "Tovarisch" card and getting stuck with a red "GOP" card, I have to ask: "Why the heck SHOULD I mentor kids in the "hood", what sense would it really make?" Seriously, these perps fathers were not there, that is those guys choice, their mothers CHOSE the losers, and CHOSE not to do what they should have, put their children first, step up and sacrifce for their kids (unlike Amadou's mother).

I have four children myself, so why in the heck should I 'choose' to risk my life going into the hood to "mentor" people who would generally resent my presence alone? What, so I can end up a statistic, another Black man dead by the hand of other Blacks? Seriously, my primary responsibility is to my children, now will I help fund organizations that help children in disadvantaged situations? Sure. I have went to schools to speak with children about issues, financial aid, what to to expect from college, etc. Other than that, until someone convinces the Egyptian pantheon of gods to give me some of their power, "I" won't be in the hood mentoring anyone.

"In a way, the blood is on all of our hands."

I have to disagree there. I give money, and am willing to give time to those who desire it, other than that, their sins are their own. As far as I am concerned, these guys should be locked away for the rest of their lives.

Well... you know that my feelings are just like your own on this issue, so all I can issue is a hearty AMEN!

The funny thing is that had these kid's fathers been around there is no assurance that this would have ended any better. It's one thing to have a father, another thing entirely to have a GOOD father.

I agree with you: We need solutions. I'm trying to be part of the solution by the way I live, but collective action is needed.

Finally, why didn't the authors of the article cite the fast food and soda as the culprit? They could have just as easily been high off of caffeine and burgers as amped up by a darn movie. My point is that both ideas are ridiculous and the mention of the movie was reckless reporting.


With what they put in burgers, anything is possible!

But seriously, I found the reporting a bit shallow, the real sociological problems should have been addressed or at least touched on.

Hi DJ,

**off topic**

Where could I get an image like the one you have for your icon?


there was a story about this man who had a son. He just earned a scholarship to an Ivy League university. the night before he was supposed to leave, he was gunned down.

at the eulogy, the father said "I did everything I could for my son, but i didn't do anything for the children who killed my son. If i did, i might have prevented this. "

Parenting is NOT a two person job


"Parenting is NOT a two person job"

Of course it isn't, however, if the two people who make the child don't' step up, it is a near impossible job for the rest of the village.

Ultimately, it still comes down to what the PERPS chose to do, the CHOSE death, ultimate responsibility comes down to them, not the victim or the victims parents.

Great Post Dj Black Adam!

i should have explained myself. i would never blamed the victims parents for that. if anything they are victims themselves. and i agree about the idea of taking responsibility for one's actions. I could have easily sold drugs and stuck people up like my peers, several of who came from two parent homes. it was ultimately my decision.

but many of us look at young people with these kind of issues as other people's problems and not ours. i think that's unfortunate.

I'm glad to see that there ISN'T an onslaught of excuse making for this little sociopath.

Unfortunately, some people are just rotten to the core and no matter what anyone does for them, they are beyond redemption. Why are our expectations so unreasonable for this boy's human incubator and egg fertilizer (I refuse to call them parents)? If you decide to have unprotected heterosexual sex, do you not realize that you become responsible for the life that may be produced as a result?

A promising scientist was cut down by a bottom feeder and I am almost certain that no amount of mentorship, social programs, or non-parental involvement would have helped. Certainly it may take a village to raise a child, but we have to first start a purging process to get the bottom feeders out of the village.

Tragic story. Peace to the victims family. (My brother in law is a police officer at UC and tells of the rampant crime there.) They were quick to focus on the movies influence but I contend it may have more to do with the fast food. Too much of that can cause some psychosis (and I am truly not trying to simplify the situation or make mockery, I KNOW this to be true.) As with most issues, the answer is deep and you'd have to go back years into the life of the youth to find out the origin of the problem to get at it. I agree with most and that we all have to spend some time with a child that could "go either way" in hopes of being the light they need to keep it together or come back from the dark side.

So, I think you know a little about what happened with my brother last year. At the age of 42, he'd just been released from prison and was trying to find work. He couldn't, got depressed and shot himself in the head. Sadly, he'd been in and out of jail since he was 17. I hadn't seen him in years because he was in prison.

We had both parents at home, my parents paid for him to go to private school, they have clear standards, involved in a religious community, etc., and he chose to hang out with the rich white kids that used coke. My parents sent him to rehab four times over the years. Paid all the lawyer fees, raised his children...he'd just use more and then go back to jail.

On the other hand, I have a friend who has no father, mom was extremely abusive, my friend had to be removed and placed in protective custody with another relative whose common law husband then raped him for years...and he went to an ivy league university for undergrad and law school. He's successful in all the ways we think someone should be successful. In my opinion, he needs therapy but that's another tale.

So yes, I know about individual choice and what role it plays in all this. But I just don't think it's always as simple as that. I brought up "Native Son" because that story shows exactly how the poor choices someone who's uneducated, angry, immature and on and on, are a part of our system, not just the fault of Bigger Thomas' mother and absentee father.

But, maybe these boys are just psychopaths and nothing could have turned them around. I don't think what the boys did to this young Ph.D. is at all excusable.

But I think we either recognize that kids in these situations need our help, whatever that help looks like, or we wait for them to jump on the Metra and come looking for $$.

On another note. You gt a shout out on News & Notes yesterday. Not sure if you heard or were listening.

Liz - Wow, your brother & friend's story is quite intense & tells me not matter where you come from, choices make all the difference.


Back on topic, this story is fucked up for so many reasons & you point them out ever so eloquently!

The break down of the perpetrators began at home years ago with poor parenting. To have children that are that unaware of the world how are so desensitized is a serious problem. Maybe I am being a little harsh on the parents because teens are able to make right & wrong choices but... This is a topic that needs a louder discussion.


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