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    I Believe

    I have my mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    I'll do all things through Christ, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll do all things through Christ, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He shall supply my need, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He shall supply my need, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said


    By faith I believe it, By faith I receive it
    By faith I can have it, By faith I can share it
    I believe just what he said

    I have my mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He worked it out for me, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He worked it out for me, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    Bridge II:

    By faith I will know it, By faith I will show it
    By faith I will bare it, and now I'll declare
    I believe just what he said

    I have my mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I'll have me mansion now, Oh
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I Believe
    I Believe, I believe just what he said

    He loosed the guilty stain, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe, I Believe
    He loosed the guilty stain, Oh
    I Believe, I Believe just what he said

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29 September 2007


I think this is interesting. Thanks for the history lesson, DJBA.

I've actually often heard Odinists (who are sometimes, but not always, associated with Nazism) use the same rhetoric to condemn Christianity because it's not, in their worldview, a "white" religion but instead Middle Eastern. And it's NOT, really -- I know there were some inroads made in Greece after Jesus's death, but from what I understand Christianity didn't take off in Europe until the Romans adopted it for political reasons and forced the Celtic and Germanic tribes under their subjugation to convert.

But hey, wouldn't it be nice if we could all believe whatever we want without regard to what ethnic group we happened to be born into? I mean, otherwise, I'd be bowing and scraping in front of an idol of Cernunnos right now...

Wow, this was awesome. We were just talking about King Solomon, The Lord and Sheba in church this morning...this is not coincidence. :)


lol, well you know I was considering starting the "Dormammu" cult! But he has such a bad track record with his disciples!


I am glad it is helpful. Welcome to the blog!!

I've never heard anyone say that before.


Never heard anyone say "Christianity is the White man's religion?" OR never heard of the "Dormammu" cult? lol

I kid. Seriously, maybe not in so many words, how about like this: "...I personally feel as though the tool of Christianity used as a weapon in slavery/colonialism was not given to uplift the souls of people of color." That came from a poster on your article "Sinner Nation" who professes Islam as their faith.

It's statements like that, which caused me to finally write my thoughts out. The folks over at Afrospear are having a carnival regarding Religion and the African in Diaspora, so I wrote this article for them. Here is the link:

Great post, insightful.
My issues with the brand of Christian faith I have experienced and witness do not extend to the Christian faith that you describe here.
Academically Christianity is very appealing to me but in practice, (as it is practiced here in America and how we came to be followers here in America), the explanation of the faith as documented in your post seems to be foreign to many of those currently practicing In America. Many of us are taught from the King James Version of the Bible for example. A version rewritten in part by dramatists (Shakespeare) and was done in large part so that King James might take his brother's wife as his own. The women who had been prophets in earlier versions were now servants (Phoebe). This is the faith I was taught and the one I witness now. The one that places women in a subservient role, justifies slavery, rape and other atrocities. I don't see the faith I read of in this post practiced anywhere (of course my experiences are quite narrow in the grand scheme but still...)
Is the faith as explained here the one taught to me by my mother, her mother or her mother's mother? No. The faith that I and they learned did not have African roots, it was a corruption used to keep our heads bowed and our bodies toiling.
Now a Christian faith taught the way it is presented in this post would be far different from the brand (and Christianity has many brands indeed)currently practiced.
I cant speak on the Muslim faith as I have had very little practical experience and only academic information on the faith (although I also find it confining and oppressing as it pertains to women but this is another issue altogether)
Please forgive the lengthy response.
I learned some new things from your entry and appreciate that you chose to share it.


Thanks for visiting the blog! I understand your concerns with many aspects of the "religion" of Christianity her in America. Might I suggest (and not to convert you, buy just for an understanding of what we as Christians should strive for) to look at Jesus outside of the context of the "religion" and from the perspective of what He said in the Gospels?

As well, Even though there may be some grammatical problems with the KJV, it still communicates the overarching themes of Sin, Grace and Salvation as well as any other translation. Remember, our God spoke through a mule once, King James was a tool, not the person who inspired the scriptures.

Again, just a suggestion, if the KJV doesn't work for you, try an NIV.

Yeah, good stuff, I'm a first time visitor. You know, I've been really liking some of the things I've been hearing from the HebrewIsraelites (Messianic, of course), and this information supports some of what they have to say.

For instance, the original Hebrews/Israelites being of black ethnicity. That they were part of the 'Diaspora', and as a result, a part of the 'Middle Passage' Slave Trade. As a result, many Africans in the Americas, descendants of those brought over in the Slave Trade, are direct descendants of the original Israelites. And it's also amazing how prophecy concerning God's punishment of the Israelites (to paraphrase) would result in the scattering and suffering of the nation, until the time of the Gentiles (Europeans, White Americans?) is fulfilled.

My reply was not necessarily in response to indivdidual faith but in reference to what passes as mainstream Christianity. The widely accepted faith and it's mega-church mutation.
The version of the bible in these instances is KJV and yes he was indeed a tool but the first contact many of us had with the faith came from that source.
and while the tenets are noble the delivery and the messenger (what was taught to our African ancestors by their oppressors) was corrupt.
(not what you have shared--The day the faith is taught as you explain it is the day I become and evangelist for the faith myself)
I have NIV, KJV The Mormon text and the Catholic Bible and taken outside of mainstream religion they offer great lessons of faith redemption and grace.(Although ALL of these versions place women in a subservient role which I will never be able to accept as the role of woman) I agree with you there.
I was speaking of mainstream faith, forgive the ambiguity and thanks for your patience in fielding my responses.
and your userpic is Cool!

@Femigog I agree with u on what you say about women in the bible. I took some long and deep understanding leading to overstanding. Shoot me an email and I will share some info with you on this subject.
@DJ Black Adam. The reason there are African presence of Hebrew/Israelites/Jews is not due to the interaction of Candace Makeda and Solomon. The Root of the Hebrew/Israelites/Jews are found in the MtDNA of Africans in the Congo. The Cohens are the hereditary priest of the "Jews", based on their bloodline. The highest genetic sequece of the Cohens are found in the MtDNA of the Lemba people, more specifically the Buba clan of the Congo. Out of Africa comes the Hebrew/Israelites/Jews. Remember, Palestine (Is-Ra-El) is in Northern Africa, not the Middle East.


While it is clear that there are Hebrews who are Black, it does not negate the fact that there are Hebrews who are White, Yellow, Red and Brown.

The human family that is revealed in scripture, is that above the MAN MADE social constructs of race, and deal with family, and the Hebrew family is vast and of God and not confined to the science fiction of race OR the social reality of it.


I can see where you are coming from, however, I would disagree a bit. The presence of the Jews in Africa I believe to be caused by the dispersement patterns of the Hebrews out of Israel to the many lands of the earth that they went to, Africa, Asia and Europe. This at different points of history due to their disobedience.

I believe that there are Hebrews amongts all of the earths people, be they White, Black, Brown, Red or Yellow. I also believe the people of modern Israel proper, are descendents of the original Hebrews as well. I know that some folks diagree, but that is where we divide.

However, that point is at best secondary, since obviously I profess a Moshiach who is Lord of ALL heaven and earth, and allows all who receive the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, be they Jewish or Gentile, Male or Female in it who would repent their sin and recieve that message.

Nonetheless, I am enjoyingt the diviersity within this conversation, I thank you all for your comments and hope for more!

Hi DJ,

first time visitor here. saw your excellent post on WAOD.

An interesting piece to the Christian post:
some think Christianity is not whites, or black's religion, but Esau's.

Esau and his spiritual descendents are warriors. They like to kill. (kill= physically killing, removing someone's income, or humiliating someone)

Whatever. just another accounting that I heard.

I just re-read my own comment. not to say christianity is about killing. Every group has done stuff!


You wrote: "I just re-read my own comment. not to say christianity is about killing. Every group has done stuff!"

Whew, I was about to say, I’m a Christian, and I haven’t killed anyone, nor desire to (aside from whoever made that song that goes: “Cuz im on, wipe me down”, this person should be summarily executed!!)

lol I Kid! Kid!…kinda…

Anyway, Welcome to the blog!

Well, well, well. This certainly got 'em talking DJBA. My thoughts are this: Muslim loosely translated means, one who submits to the way of God. This is in our nature to do. So I believe that that practice predates any official name put on a form of practice (i.e. Islam or Christianity). Submitting to God is not a religion; as we all have a different assignment so our submission is different. Re: Is Christianity a white man's religion? Yes, indeed. As is Judaism and Islam. God did not originate religion, man did.

lol sorry about that DJ!

Also, according to some religion (namely Judaism) there are three types of ways to kill someone, as listed above.

Hey Sister P:

1st thanks for chiming in, and thanks for reminding me of whom my source is. I appreciate your wisdom on that rough day. To your comments,You wrote:

“Well, well, well. This certainly got 'em talking “DJBA. My thoughts are this: Muslim loosely translated means, one who submits to the way of God. This is in our nature to do.”

Ah, that really is a good point. Is it our nature TO submit or is it our nature to rebel? Looking around, I would say our “Nature” (that which is natural, which is tied to our temporal / spatial existence, therefore carnal) is to rebel. Thus why Jesus came, to RESTORE. A Christian submits to God, through Christ, by the Spirit of God, which empowers them from within to be able to fellowship with God and demonstrate HIS Kingdom in the earth until the Kingdom manifest in its fullness. The later of course requires on to be Spiritually led, above religion.

“So I believe that that practice predates any official name put on a form of practice (i.e. Islam or Christianity).”

I guess SOME people practiced submitance. But to WHICH “god”? The Sumerians submitted to “Anu”, the Aegyptians submitted to Ra, Horus, Isis and / or Osiris (not to mention Khun, Bast, Set, etc., etc.). Some of our Bantu ancestors submitted to Shango, Ocheun and Yemaja, and in my spiritual line is Melchezideck, the great King of Salem who worshiped the God who Jesus (Yeshuyah HaMoshiach Adonai Shekinu) was the Word made manifest to us of “The Most High God” (Elohim El Shaddai Adonai Shekinu) Lord of ALL Heaven and Earth, by HIS Spirit the Holy Ghost (Ruach HaKodesh). We know that there was and is a difference between the God we serve and the “gods” of the world. God tells the prophet Moshe (Moses) this in the Torah:

Exodus 12.12: “For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD.”

So it seems the Father has an opinion about the other god. Further to His point:

Exodus 18.11: “Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them.”

Pretty clear how He sees himself in relation to them. But I digress, that is another topic.

Jesus, the Word of the Most High God, and Him manifest in form, came to rectify and restore our lost relationship with Him. Humanity proper, above and beyond RELIGION, such is The Fellowship of the Mystery of God. As this is wisdom: "But to us there is but one God, the Father, OF whom ARE all things, and we IN Him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, BY whom ARE all things, and we by him."

You continue with:

“Submitting to God is not a religion; as we all have a different assignment so our submission is different.”

All religions are of MAN (Not the “White Man” but MAN proper) the Gospel of the Kingdom is from God. That is why I share the Gospel, not “Church” or “Religion” in the true sense. So we agree that: “God did not originate religion, man did.”, but God did originate Law, and man rebelled from the beginning, God, in his infinite love, gave us Grace, not by force but that we choose to repent and receive His truth by his Word, Jesus.

BUT, this is how I see it, you may of course not agree, but it is always well to exchange ideas...


Well I guess I would only want Lil Boosie to "Lose his Income"...well that all depends on the day, that song works my nerve! I mean really: "Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes!" doesn't sorry lyrics like this break some international laws? A crime against humanity I tell ya...


what are you doing? I only meant to check out your blog but its so fascinating -the comments that I keep coming back!

Its so strange for me to hear these names -names of Hashem listed here. I didn't know ppl outside of Judaism knew alot of those names. I don't think they actually correspond (like holy Spirit to ruach haKodesh) but I understand.

there's more I can say but don't want to start a whole discussion.

Thanks for an interesting blog.

DJ, I love the dialog and the way you verse with people here. The first time I came over I and just peeped at ur site I had to link u. Keep posting like this.
@Miriam, u said "there's more I can say but don't want to start a whole discussion" LOL go ahead and just start it!!!


I am glad you are enjoying our discussion. "Ruach HaKodesh" is a term I borrow from my Messianic friends. I myself generally equate (in my opinion) the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost as we call Him, to the Shekinah cloud of Glory, that dwelt in the temple, in the Holy of Holies. I do understand that within the faith of Judaism this would have a different meaning (and even within the faith of Judaism different interpretations).

BUT I digress, perhaps I will do a writing on the Spirit of God.

well this is a very interesting post. i will read it again and see what my head tells me to write in the comment section.

very informative post for sure. thanks for that!

You post makes sense, and we can see that in the Coptic church, which is the oldest church on the planet (dont quote me here, lol).


You are correct about the Coptic church.

Excellent post and very informative! Enlightening discussion also. I will certainly visit more often.

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